NorthStar metrics and OKRs to show DevRel value and get focus

So what is a North Star metric, and why does it matter?

The North Star is the metric that defines the relationship between the customer problems that your company is trying to solve and the revenue that is generated by doing so.

  • It gives your team a singular purpose while working in different capacities
  • It brings clarity because it makes it clear for everyone what the company is trying to achieve
  • It makes your company customer-centric
North Star Metric Examples

Anatomy of an OKR

OKRs stands for Objectives and key results, and almost like any strategic planning frameworks, it has 3 main elements:

  • Big overarching goal
  • A way to measure progress
  • The actions needed to achieve those results
Anatomy of an OKR
Creating alignment with OKRs

Where to Focus

To answer this question and besides the pressure of your department goals,

Four pillars of DevRel

So, how do NorthStars and OKRs look together?

Let’s deep dive into a concrete example.


It’s been quite a ride since we started working with these frameworks, and there’s a lot of trial and error along the way. The examples that I just showed in this article look simple, but it’s a result of long hours of conversations with many people and departments involved. We must pause the execution and reserve time to plan priorities and create alignment with other teams.

What can go wrong with OKRs?

Not all roses when using OKRs, and there a few things that you should avoid when working with this framework. This is a topic for the next article because this one is long already :)



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