Launching a Developer Champion Program

Carla, Mário and I

Vision, Mission and Strategic Pillars

Small team, big ambitions!

  • Available = # of developers
  • Capable = OutSystems Expertise
  • Sponsor and speak at Developer events
  • Create referral program
  • Improve Developer Onboarding
  • Create a Developer Enablement Program
  • Achieve consistency publishing Educational Content (how to’s)
  • Launch a Developer Newsletter
  • Start offline events
  • Create Community SWAG
  • Create a Community Maskot
  • Launch a Developer Champion Program

Selling the “why”

Back then, it was pretty obvious to us that the only way to make it work was to have an extended team to scale our efforts. These were the goals:

  • Create awareness through content and events.
  • Scale educational content creation
  • Improve the efficiency of Q&A on forums
  • Nurture local communities through offline events
  • Get feedback and improve the product.

Launching the Program

Once we got the ball rolling, our vision and strategy for the program became instantly clear: leveraging excitement and hype around our product, giving back to the community in terms of building new skills, and building a stellar reputation.

  • Create personalized SWAG
  • Setup a dedicated real-time communication tool (with Slack)
  • Plan our Award Ceremony

Picking the low-hanging fruit

We needed to make sure the first step on our journey was successful. Going public was an important milestone, but we wanted to make sure we were able to show value early in the process.

Wrapping up

Members of a Developer Champion Program go by many names: superusers, ambassadors, external advocates, MVPs, etc.

A successful program should clearly demonstrate its value to both the community and the organization. It can have several benefits, including:

  • Scaling Community/DevRel team efforts
  • Community support and engagement
  • Crowdsourcing expertise to improve product outcomes
  • Content creation
  • Product/API feedback



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Vera Tiago

Vera Tiago

Vera is a former developer turned into a Developer Community Advocate. Gym rat, runner, and dancer.